Flawless, Ageless, and Effortless Skincare

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Ancient Korean water approach to skincare

äKwä is a ritual skincare system rooted in the ancient Korean water approach. Ordinary water in each formula is replaced with Korean fermented green tea water and combined with other specialty waters, traditionally fermented extracts, and best-in-class, plant-derived ingredients into formulas that invite your skin to glow. Our green tea is cultivated in the Boseong region, home to Korea’s largest tea fields, due to its perfect soil and climatic conditions. Tea fermentation has a long and rich history in this region, created through a two-phase process using traditional natural and lactic acid fermentation techniques to yield more potent ingredient levels.

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Your skin comes first

äKwä is dedicated to the belief that skin health and beauty come first and that the skin is delicate and needs ritual-level attention. Nourishing, smart, and natural, äKwä is the embodiment of effortless and ageless skincare.

Key benefits:

  • Suitable for most skin types
  • Paraben-free, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free
  • Dermatologist-tested for mildness
  • Kind to your skin and the environment
  • Cruelty-free—never tested on animals
  • Gluten-free
  • No harsh bleaches, or other forceful ingredients that bully your skin into submission or compromise long-term skin health for a short-term effect
  • All-natural fragrances

Realistic meets ritualistic

We offer you two regimens to follow. Our real steps uniquely address common challenges, while our ritual steps indulge the skin, prompting daydreams of island getaways and decadent milk baths.

Before and after

In a pilot study conducted with women and men, 30 days of the äKwä regimen showed improvements in:

  • Red spot count, representing a calming effect
  • Porphyrin count, representing a cleansing effect
  • Wrinkle score
  • Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Overall moisture

Step away from your day and into your world with a skincare regimen designed to transform the appearance of your skin using nature-inspired, moisture-rich formulas and ancient Korean beauty techniques.

Meet the äKwä products

Real Step 1: First Wave

Oil-to-Foam Cleanser—As the first step in your skincare ritual, this cleanser offers a fresh start. Its gentle oils lift away debris before transforming into a foaming cleanser. Splash with water for a perfectly pristine and pleasantly soft finish.

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Ritual Step: LavaPure

Volcanic Mud Mask—Like the geothermal waters that rise from volcanic beds, our volcanic mask renews, refreshes, and energizes the look of your skin. Volcanic properties cleanse the skin’s surface for a purifying experience.

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Real Step 2: Glacier Glow

Four-Way Toner—Let it glow! Clarifying and illuminating, this alcohol-free toner is the perfect way to prepare your skin for additional cleansing and moisture, prime your skin for cosmetics, set your makeup look, or mist any time of the day so it can glow like a glistening glacier on a sapphire sea.

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Real Step 3: Precious Pool

Vitamin Essence—With the luxury of the earth’s offerings in a silky serum, this product infuses your skin with essential vitamins, ferments, and super-antioxidants for a nourished, more youthful-looking complexion.

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Ritual Step: Royal Bath

Sheet Mask—Decadent and delicate, this sheet mask allows you to experience a treat once only enjoyed by royals throughout history.

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Real Step 4: Ripple Refine

Eye Cream—Moisturizers and decadent emollients are blended with an ancient mushroom that’s naturally rich in plant-derived collagen to promote a smoother, more refined, and more polished outer-eye appearance.

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Real Step 5: RainBurst

Moisture Cream—Like a rain cloud ready to burst, this cream offers a surge of intense hydration in a light and airy, cloud-like formula. It’s truly a drink for your skin.

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äKwä Life C® Complexion Primer

Wake up your skin with this velvety, luxurious formula and experience a more luminous complexion and prime your skin for makeup use. Apply Life C Complexion Primer to your skin after using First Wave® for a velvety, luxurious finish.

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