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Earn extra income by sharing what you love.

We reward you every time you share our unforgettable 4Life products. When you join 4Life, you can earn an extra income by sharing wellness with your loved ones while you become part of a passionate and caring community.

More and more people are building their business with 4Life

The 4Life Experience

Why choose 4Life?

Extra earnings

Earn extra income with one of the highest payouts in the industry: up to 64% of company volume.

Tools and features

We provide the tools you need to succeed. Use your MyShop site to sell 4Life products, share your discount, and earn!


Work whenever and wherever is best for you!


Manage your business with support from experienced 4Life leaders.

"Joining 4Life as an affiliate has been an incredible opportunity for me to take control of my financial future while promoting health and wellness products I truly believe in!"

- Diego Costa

Get Started

3 simple steps to start and develop your own business

Sign someone up

Share 4Life products and sign others up under your 4Life ID to automatically become an Affiliate.

Complete setup

Fill out the online forms so you will be eligible to receive commissions.

Achieve ranks based on growth

Sign people up and continue sharing your favorite 4Life products to build your business and achieve higher ranks, bringing new opportunities to get rewarded!

The 4Life experience

A whole world of benefits are awaiting you:

  • Extra earnings: combine it with your main job while receiving one of the highest payouts of the industry -up to 64% of company volume.
  • No initial investment: share through your MyShop online store.
  • Flexibility: you can work from wherever you want.
  • No schedules: you decide when to work!
  • You will never walk alone: learn from a team of people who are ready to help and become part of a united and global family.

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Great programs for your success

Fast Start Program

Sign up with an order of 400LP and start automatically on the Fast Start Program. You can earn an extra income sharing the products you love!

Rapid Rewards

Earn a 25% commission on the first order for each person you sign up. Plus, you earn 12% for customers on your second level and 5% for customers on your third level.

Unlock the power of Me and My 3® to earn one of three Builder Bonus payments each month: 40€, 160€, or 640€.


MyShop is your personal 4Life website. Your friends and family get to share your wholesale discount, and you earn MyShop Rewards or a commission!

Are you more like a social media person? We got the perfect program for you!

Check out our Brand Ambassador Program

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is direct selling and MultiLevel Marketing?
    According to the Direct Selling Association (page in Spanish): “Direct selling is the marketing of products and services directly to the consumer outside a commercial establishment through a personalized demonstration by a representative of the selling company. Direct selling companies have a large independent network of professionals who market quality products with guaranteed returns. Multilevel selling consists of the sale of goods or services by a manufacturer or wholesaler through a network of independent sellers, although coordinated in the same commercial network.”
  • What's the difference between a Preferred Customer and an Affiliate?
    Preferred Customer can enjoy 4Life products, but Affiliates can also earn an extra income while sharing the products they love the most
  • What's the difference between an Affiliate and a Brand Ambassador?
    They are quite similar, but the main difference is that the Ambassador needs to have some requirements that an Affiliate doesn't need to have, for example having a minimum of 5000 followers on any social media platform, to post at least once per month on their social media feed(s), among some others
  • What is the difference between a sponsor and enroller?
    Your sponsor is your direct upline Affiliate. Your enroller is the person who introduced you to 4Life. The enroller and sponsor are sometimes the same person.
  • How can I get paid as an Affiliate?
    Earnings can be transferred to your bank account or used to purchase 4Life products through your 4Life account.
  • When do I get paid?
    Some programs are paid the next day, but most commissions are paid around the 7th / 8th of each month.
  • Where can I find more information about business in 4Life?
    You can check the European Business Resources page, that contains all the information an Affiliate should know.
  • Where can I find more information about business in 4Life?
    You can check the European Business Resources page, that contains all the information an Affiliate should know.