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With the 4Life app, there are no written applications, phone orders, or reports on your computer. You can do it all on the go while doing what you do best: sharing the 4Life message of Do Life Differently!

Track Your Progress

Always know where you stand. With the 4Life app, you can track your current rank standing and qualifications, which will help you make good business decisions and continue progressing.

Business Reports at Your Fingertips

View all your reports on-the-go, including downline reports, target rank reports, bonus recap reports, and more!

Media Sharing is now in the 4Life app!

Media Sharing is now in the 4Life app! Access information about products and the business opportunity through PDFs, videos, and presentations. You can also upload and sort your contacts to stay organized and on top of it. Start sharing now!

Keep an Eye on Your Downline

Your downline looks to you for leadership, so monitor their progress so you can train and teach them and celebrate their successes!

Manage Your Account Settings

Modify settings, add or remove products, update billing and shipping information, and redeem Loyalty Points for 4Life products - all from your phone!

Purchase Your Favorite Products

With the entire 4Life store in the palm of your hand, you can easily order your favorite products, no matter where you are.

Stay Up to Date with Alerts

Don’t miss important information about your downline, notices from the newsfeed, and personal alerts.

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