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Loyalty Points Promotion

Power up your regular order with Loyalty Points and redeem them for products of your choice

From June 21st to 30th, you can benefit from an exclusive promotion that will give you Loyalty Points for certain LP order ranges.

If you are already subscribed to the Loyalty Program, use the Loyalty Points to redeem free products of your choice.

Not subscribed to the Loyalty Program yet? You can still get Loyalty Points and take the opportunity to join the Loyalty Program and enjoy all its benefits!

Join the Loyalty Program

How it works:

Order 150 LP or more: Get 15 Loyalty Points

Order 200 LP or more: Get 20 Loyalty Points

Order 400 LP or more: Get 50 Loyalty Points

4Life packs are even better with the Loyalty Points Promotion:

4Life packs 4Life packs

Example of products you can redeem with your Loyalty Points:

15 Loyalty Points:

4Life TF-Boost

20 Loyalty Points:

Essential Fatty Acid Complex

Fibro AMJ Day-Time Formula

Energy Go Stix Tropical

4Life Transfer Factor RenewAll

... and more!

50 Loyalty Points:

Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula

Transfer Factor ReCall

Transfer Factor Collagen

Transfer Factor Renuvo


... and more!

And that's not all! Enjoy these extra benefits:

Free Shipping

Get free shipping for most European countries on orders from 125 €, when delivered to a UPS Access Point.

Free enrollment

You get free enrollment on all orders starting from 150 LP.

Instant redemption

New Affiliates and Preferred Customers can redeem Loyalty Points right after they place their first Loyalty Program order.

Share your MyShop

Share and get commissions or MyShop Rewards from orders made under your MyShop account.

Are you an Affiliate?

Use this promotion to earn even more!

  • Enroll with the Fast Start Pack

It's the best option to enroll someone into the business. The 400 LP pack includes a discount on top 4Life products, the Fast Start 90 Guide brochure, and a 4Life branded bag

  • Earn points for the David Lisonbee Fast Start Challenge incentives

If you enroll someone with the Fast Start Pack, you get 40 points. If they then place a 150 LP order, you get 20 more points.

  • Get some extra Loyalty Points

If you enroll someone with a 150 LP regular order and he/she later places another Loyalty order with a Fast Start pack, he/she will get 70 Loyalty Points (15 from the promotion + 55 from the Fast Start pack under the Loyalty order).

  • Choose your MyShop strategy

During the promotion period, by sharing your MyShop link, earn more Loyalty Points with every purchase made under your account. You can also share your MyShop link to enroll someone, tell them about the promotion, and help them get Loyalty Points with their orders.

  • Plan your business month-closing

We are on the last days for month-closing. Use this promotion to keep your business active, advance in rank, earn incentives and keep growing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • If I place an order of 180 LP, will I get 18 Loyalty Points?
    No, you will get 15 LP. The promotion works as follows:
    • For orders from 150 - 199 LP, you will get 15 Loyalty Points.
    • For orders from 200 - 399 LP, you will get 20 Loyalty Points.
    • For orders from 400 LP, you will get 50 Loyalty Points.
  • Is there a maximun amount of Loyalty Points I can get with this promotion?
    Yes, you can get a maximum of 150 Loyalty Points from this promotion.
  • I'm not subscribed to the Loyalty Program yet. Can I still get the Loyalty Points from this promotion?
    Yes, the Loyalty Points are assigned to any 4Life account, regardless if the person is subscribed to the Loyalty Program or not. The Loyalty Points you earn from this promotion will be available for redemption in your account for the next 12 months. If you decide to join the Loyalty Program, the points will be instantly available for redemption.
  • Will I also get the 35 Bonus Loyalty Points with this promotion?
    No, this promotion is only valid with regular orders. To get the 35 Bonus Loyalty Points, you must place a 150 LP Loyalty order.
  • What do I get if I place a 300 LP order?
    You will get 20 Loyalty Points. However, to maximize your benefits, you can split your order into two and get 15 Loyalty Points for each order, totaling 30 Loyalty Points!
  • I prefer to get more Loyalty Points rather than points for the David Lisonbee Fast Start Challenge incentive. What can I do?
    Create a favorite product list of 150 LP or more on your MyShop. Share it now with customers who are not yet Preferred Customers. All the orders will be registered under your 4Life ID, and you will earn more Loyalty Points!
  • Instead, I prefer to acumulate points to win the David Lisonbee Fast Start Challenge Incentive! How can I do it?
    Enroll a new customer with a Fast Start Pack and get 40 points for the incentive.
    Bonus perk!: If that person joins the Loyalty Program and places a 150LP order, you will win extra 20 Points!