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4Life Wellbeing Assessment

4Life offers products to support you to have a healthy lifestyle. Take the following assessment to find the products with the best ingredients to support your general wellbeing on a daily basis.

Take the Assessment

Take a free, five-minute assessment about your lifestyle/nutrition habits.

Get Recommendations

Based on your responses, we’ll suggest some top products to support your healthy everyday journey.


Get an overview of your assessment responses and what they mean for you.

4Life Wellbeing Assessment FAQs

  • What is the 4Life Wellbeing Assessment?
    The 4Life Wellbeing Assessment is a questionnaire that provides product recommendations based on responses to genetic makeup, diet, and lifestyle questions.
  • What can I learn from the Assessment?
    By participating in the 4Life Wellbeing Assessment, you acknowledge that the primary purpose of the assessment is to assist participants in improving wellness goals and to promote products and services that may support on this area.
  • Who is the Assessment for?
    The 4Life Wellbeing Assessment is intended for adults (+18 years old) two and up wishing to learn what 4Life products might benefit their lifestyle.
  • What happens to my personal information after I take the 4Life Wellbeing Assessment?
    Any personally identifiable health information obtained in conjunction with your assessment will be subject to the 4Life Privacy Policy and will only be used in accordance with this consent and, to the extent it constitutes personal health information, in accordance with applicable laws pertaining to the use of personal health information. However, your information in aggregate form may be used for research, educational, or statistical purposes so long as the data does not personally identify you.
  • Which are the recommendations extracted from?
    All the recommendations, quantities and servings are given by the "Spanish Agency for food Safety and Nutrition" (https://www.aesan.gob.es/en/AECOSAN/web/home/aecosan_inicio.htm), the "Dietary reference values (DRV) in Europe (EFSA)" (https://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/topics/topic/dietary-reference-values) and the World Health Organization (WHO) (https://www.who.int/)